About Juliana

I am a debt free, loan free and prosperous mom who lives in Los Angeles, California with a loving husband and a cross eyed cat. It has been been many years of struggle to get to this point, but only through the grace of God am I here and now I want to share my spiritual and financial experiences with others.


One response to “About Juliana

  1. Hello Julia –
    I love your posts, read your entire blog. I totally connect with your words, I’m sure we would be friends if our paths had crossed. I was laid off in June. I would love to be debt free and loan free and currently have a wonderful husband two kids and a narcalectic beagle that sleeps at my feet all day. I would love to learn more about your journey to being debt free and your journey of complete faith in God supplying your work. I love your comment about God being our ultimate employer because he supplies the work. I’m launching back into contract/consulting and struggling to find work. I’m in relationship with God and starting my day in prayer and reading to focus my job efforts in a way that honors him. Would love to hear from you when you have time.

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