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#1: The 24 Hour Rule

This rule is very simple. Anytime you need to make a large purchase, wait 24 hours.

By using this rule I’ve already saved thousands of dollars.

It started when my husband and I went shopping for a used family van. We knew our van would have to have specific features. When we got to the Honda dealership, we were shown the listed used van and then, of course, the brand new electric blue van. And what was this? It was at an “unbelievably low” price. Never mind the fact that their “low” price was a couple of thousand dollars more than what we had planned to spend.

After we test drove it and admired well, that it was new, we started to change our minds. It didn’t have the main features that we were looking for, but it was new!

I have no idea why we left. We were really ready to buy that van right then and there. I think God pushed our feet out the door.

That night I was still determined to buy that new van, when a little voice told me to call a friend who I knew was committed to sober spending just like me. She talked me down and told me that it didn’t sound like a good deal to her. My reaction? I was mad! How dare a sober person tell a drunk not to drive! Who did she think she was? She told me to wait 24 hours. Just to trust her. That’s the first time I heard about the 24 hour rule.

I waited, but I made up my mind to buy the new van the very next day. However after I slept on it, and the 24 hours had passed, I realized just how insane I was.

Now I use the 24 Hour Rule even for smaller purchases like $250 or sometimes even $100 purchases. It gives the Lord time to talk to me. Remember the old saying: Haste makes waste.


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