A Prayer For The Temporarily Unemployed

God, thank you for all the abundance I received through my last job. Thank you for providing for me during that time. I trust you even when all does not look well. I know that you are aware of my needs. Grant me the willingness to reach out to others during this time of unemployment. Grant me the strength to do the necessary foot work to earn again not just for me, but for my family and above all to tithe back to you. Use me as you will. Amen.


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The 7 Laws of Being Laid Off

Wouldn’t you know it? Just when I start a blog about prosperity, I receive a very last minute call that a lucrative freelance gig I was to start this monday was canceled. I found this out on friday…at 4pm. 

Am I angry? Yeah. Am I frustrated? Yeah. Am I lost? Nope.

“Why?” you may ask. Because after 10 years as a freelancer, (the most faith based career that practically anyone can have), I have had this sort of thing happen on several occasions. Now I’ve learned from experience, defined as “experience is what you get when what you wanted to happen didn’t”. So here are my personal rules for the times when I am unemployed. My 7 Laws of Being Laid Off.

  1. Feel your feelings. Right after a lost opportunity, when someone says to me ‘When one door closes, another one opens”, I want to punch them heavily in the solar plexus. Now I know that it’s okay for me to pout for a couple of days. Plus it’s hard to book another gig when you’re resentful about the last one.
  2. Dress nicely. This may seem like an odd suggestion but this is so important.  When you are feeling your worst, dress your best. If it’s been a particularly long time since I’ve had my last gig, I start dressing nicely every day. This lifts my mood and it’s easy to do. 
  3. Don’t take it personally. This is huge. Entire industries change and there’s not a thing you can do about it. Management changes all the time and it has nothing to do with you. In fact, unless you’re told that it does have something to do with you, assume it doesn’t and move on.
  4. God is making room for something better. Now you can punch me in my solar plexus:) But seriously, when a job opportunity is taken away, something better comes along. Sometimes it take a long while, but it does indeed show up. That’s the faith part of being a free lancer.
  5. Call people! If your work is anything like mine, when you’re working it’s all consuming. Time to call your friends. Do coffee. Updating your Facebook page is not truly connecting. Get out of the house and make face to face contact with someone. Isolation is a scary, dark place that you should never go to alone.  
  6. Stop self obsessing. Even if your finances are a total wreck and this lay off couldn’t have come at a worse time, keep in mind that your situation is not the best or the worst. There are people who have it better than you, but there are also people who have it a lot worse than you. You are somewhere in the middle no matter what your debt is. Help someone else who is suffering.
  7. GOD IS YOUR EMPLOYER. This is the most important one of all. You may think that your money comes from your company or your boss or your sales, but it really comes from God. God uses people as channels. Remember he is your divine employer who puts you right where you need to be.

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The Credit Card Miracle

$650??!! How could that be? My minimum required monthly credit card payment was more than my rent! I was late in paying my $550 rent yet again and I had no idea when my next check was coming in. I didn’t even have enough money for coffee and had already sold all of my music CDs for cash. What could I do?

I decided to take a walk around the park and get fresh air. I didn’t even believe in God very much back then. But I believed just enough (“faith of a mustard seed”) to pray while I walked. Inside, my heart wasn’t just broken, my soul ached. I was so damaged and exhausted. Tired of hustling. Tired of working four jobs. How could I be working so hard and still never be able to make my bills? I felt spiritually dead. So out of desperation I spoke honestly to God. “Why are you doing this to me? I hate you!” And later after I had calmed down… “Whatever you want me to do God. I’ll do it. But you need to let me know you exist. Are you real? Do you even care about me?”.

Nothing happened until a month later when I received my next Visa bill.

Last month’s payment received: $650.

But I never sent them a check! Yes, somehow my bill had been paid. I called the credit card company to make sure there wasn’t an error. The lady on the phone told me that the computer showed that the bill had definitely been paid.

Several years later when I was debt free and prosperous I sent in a contribution to the credit card’s charity in acknowledgment of God’s grace.

It was the first of many financial miracles I was to receive as I prayed and took actions to get out of debt into prosperity in all areas of my life.

But the first step was to accept that I had gotten myself into this situation. Not him. I wasn’t being tortured, I was being disciplined and now I can see that I was being prepared for wealth.

Are you willing to believe that you can’t do life anymore on your own? How have things been going for you so far? I you’re reading this you may be at a point emotionally, physically and spiritually of bankruptcy. It is my hope that this blog will lead you to a life of true abundance.

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