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Willing to Earn?

There I was crying to my friend again about money. How many times would I have to do this? How many more ‘insufficient funds’ charges would I have to pay? I had already spent thousands of dollars I did not have just in bank fees. At one point, it got so bad that I took to cashing my checks at a check cashing place in a seedy part of the city because I had so many bank charges that any money I would have deposited would have been entirely eaten up by the bank.

So I was crying to my friend again. “Why me? I’m a good person. Why is this happening?” And she said something that made me stop in my tracks. You know when you hear the truth it hits you deep in your soul? She said: “Juliana, are you willing to earn?” Willing to earn?! How dare she imply that I wasn’t willing to earn! I was willing! But the truth was that I was willing to earn only at jobs that met my unrealistic qualifications. It had to pay six figures a year, it had to be something that I loved to do, oh and it had to be fun and on and on. Meanwhile my lack of willingness to do whatever it took to earn money left me with no income and mounting debt.

Is there a job you are avoiding doing because it doesn’t meet your demands? Are you willing to open your mind a bit more to all the ways you could earn? Can you invite God into your heart to guide you to ways to earn money that are in line with his will even if they aren’t in line with your will? Are you willing to be a worker among workers instead of a “star”? Can you humble yourself enough to take a job because it will pay the bills? In short, are you willing to do whatever God leads you to do financially?

Prayer: Lord, I pray for the willingness to act the way you would have me act financially.

“They did not deviate from the king’s commands…in any manner, including that of the treasuries” (Second Chronicles 7:15)


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